AFT Testimonials

It is so rewarding when I receive messages from my AFT Clients of all the successes they are having since their AFT Sessions with me! 

I have a lot of people inquire as to what results they can expect from these clearings and if they really work, so I decided to put together a page to share all these testimonies with you! Some of these testimonies will be anonymous and some will have first name last initial, but they are all real clients with real success stories!!

"What was I expecting with my AFT with Carrie? Maybe to feel a more relaxed, a little less stressed, a little less jumbled in my head. What I was not expecting was to walk away totally transformed and a different person. Even through the computer, Carrie was so inviting while making me feel so safe and so secure. So safe and so secure that I was able to recognize a childhood experience I thought I had put out of my mind completely derailed my life. It was a shocking to recognize, but I left totally rewired and with true healing I didn’t even know I needed. One AFT session and my life was literally and completely transformed. Will never be able to express my gratitude for Carrie and this experience!" ~Kelly F.

"Totally Amazing! I have done a few AFT sessions before, and while they have been wonderful and releasing, NONE have been as deep as working with Carrie through her AFT process. I was able to identify blocks beyond what I already knew of and didn't even know existed - I was actually kind of SURPRISED when that came up, as it was totally unrelated to what my intentions were, but made sense to me. I'm super happy that this was identified and that steps can be taken to work on continuing to release this block. Thank you Carrie!"  ~ Sarah P.

" I was so overwhelmed in the beginning of the session but at the end, OMG! I cant wait to get moving and get started on my goals. I was crying and laughing at the same time." ~ Anonymous

"I was skeptical about AFT and wasn't sure what to expect. After my first session ever, I can tell you that this is absolutely MAGICAL! The waves of emotions you can experience in a short amount of time is incredible and so transformational! AFT is the real deal and I HIGHLY suggest it for anyone trying to clear out mental and emotional road blocks." ~ Anonymous

"The first memory, the negative memory, that popped into my head and heart was me in my wedding dress with my dad telling me I could turn around and walk away if I wanted to, I still had time. We ended up divorcing 5 years later. As the AFT session went on, my thought shifted to "lesson learned" and then my positive memory was immediately a photo of me in my wedding dress with my dad, both smiling so huge as he gave me away to my new husband 5 years after that. My feeling changed from failure in my gut to determination in my chest. I felt determined, capable and accomplished! I went from sad tears to happy & excited tear rolling down my face. It was amazing. The power pose stance and affirmations relaxed my shoulders enhanced my posture. I couldn't stop smiling after that. It was incredible. I am a capable and accomplished enroller, BAM!!!" ~ Anonymous

"I had never heard about AFT before I attended a group session. I had no expectation, so I grabbed my oils and just followed along. Carrie's instructions were so clear. When I opened my heart and mind to the process, emotions came flooding through. Carrie used supportive words to get me through it. Even though this was a group session, It felt like a one on one. I was able to process one blockage in 20 minutes. Pretty unbelievable! I look forward to working with Carrie again." ~ Sandra L.

And this is just a small handful of the amazing people I have had the benefit of working with! 

Now, that you are ready to remove your blocks and conquer your goals and dreams schedule a session with me here! 

If you have a testimony you would like to share please add it to the comments below!

My First AFT Session

My First AFT Session
I want to tell you about a day... literally a day I will never forget. I had been invited to a team get together at a cross line leader where my up-line Crown Diamond was hosting a team meeting, potluck, business building event. I was hesitant to go since it was a cross line event; however any chance to be around other oily people I typically take advantage of. I drove the 2 hours to our cross lines house and nervously (as always) walked in to what turned out to be a life changing event.

My Crown Diamond has been talking a lot about Emotional Release using Young Living Essential Oils and how all of our inner fears come from past events that are creating unnecessary blocks in our minds and bodies that can be worked through and ultimately resolved utilizing the oils and the Aroma Freedom Technique. Now, I am a skeptic by nature. I am a research freak. I am a “I don’t believe it until it happens to me” person – and my girls know that. She told me to come into the other room with her and she closed the door. We sat on the couch together and she looked me dead in the eyes and asked me if I was ready to change my life. I sort of giggled and said, “Let’s do this”.

She walked me through the 12 steps of AFT. I got shaky, I got hot, I got cold, I got scared, It got hard to breathe. We walked through the process step by step and I peeled back the layers of my onion. I had to repeat the cycle three times to finally get to where I was an 8. It was one of the most trying, challenging, rewarding experiences I have ever experienced in my entire life.

Once I walked through AFT my journey began. I ordered the books, the workbooks, and of course the oils. I read the book cover to cover the night it came and I knew that this was meant to be a part of my journey. I knew that I wanted to empower people to live their dreams instead of run from them. I wanted people to embrace their journey. I wanted everyone to walk through their past to resolve and conquer their embedded fears and live a life like no one ever imagined. I was everyone to experience the freedom that the Aroma Freedom Technique can bring to oneself.

I would love to work with you if you would like to go through this process. No Oils. No problem. Not local. Not a problem.


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