Vacation in a Bottle - Stress Away

Vacation in a bottle. This little bottle takes me on the most refreshing and inexpensive vacations ever! LOL. This oil definitely lives up to its name. This blend of Lime (uplifting), Cedarwood (comforting), Lavender (calming and relaxing), Copaiba (magnifies the other oils), Ocotea (reduces irritation) and Vanilla (promotes happiness) is definitely enough to send those stressors away and keep your mood in check!
Some of my favorite uses are:

- Applied to my wrists and neck before driving.
- Placed on cotton balls or felt pads in the air vents of the car.
- Diffusing with Lavender and Frankincense at bed time.
- Diffusing on its own, because it is that awesome!

This is an oil that I keep in my purse, my drawer at work and pretty much on me at all times. The amount of peace this bottle brings to me is unbelievable. 

There are times where I find myself over stressing over things I shouldn't be stressing over and when I find myself in those situations I reach for my Stress Away and apply a drop to my earlobes, wrist or neck and the stress melts away. It really is as simple as that!


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