6 Reasons to drink NingXia Red every freaking day!

Who loves NingXia Red? This girl right here!!!! It is such an amazing product for so many reasons. 

Here are the top 6 reasons why I drink NingXia Red Every Freaking Day.
  1. The truth of the matter is, even the most organic and nutritious food is lacking the amount of nutrients our bodies need. Unless you have the appetite and stomach capacity to eat 12 dozen pounds of fruits and veggies each day… and 12 dozen is correct and not a typo!
  2. It is a Macro-Nutrient Supplement which means it is the WHOLE food that your body needs. Side note: A Micro-Nutrient is breaking the food apart and only using portions of it… they are NOT the same at all. Our bodies thrive on whole food and whole nutrient… aka MACRO-Nutrients. 
  3. It is a liquid supplement… NO PILLS REQUIRED! Spoiler… our digestive systems often are not functioning completely or properly, and we will absorb a liquid supplement faster and better than a capsule or pill because our bodies do not need to break down the liquid. It is so much easier on our guts and the delivery method is so freaking fast!
  4. So Many Antioxidants. Insert science here: The ORAC value is a measuring system for antioxidant load. Anti-oxidants are the key contributor for immune support; they protect our bodies from free radicals and help to remove any free radicals that enter our bodies. Antioxidants promote normal function, normal circulation, normal brain function, normal heart function and massive immune support. 
  5. Essential Oils are added in already, duh! It is a Young Living Super Supplement! Orange, Yuzu, Lemon and Tangerine which help to support normal blood sugar levels, normal circulation and digestion, neurological support and normal body detoxification.
  6. The best part… NingXia is great for… EVERYONE! It is safe for all ages, pregnant women, children… everyone! Kids can start with NingXia once they are on solid foods – Start with ½ ounce. Jeff and I each drink minimum 2 ounces per day. The kiddos (currently age 10 and 7 get 1 ounce daily but we are going to up Zachary to 2 ounces).

     If feeling under the weather and needing a little extra support drink more! There is no such thing as too much NingXia!
*FUN FACT* Why is there sodium benzoate in NingXia? Legally, it MUST be in a liquid supplement, but Young Living sources theirs from cranberries and other fruits so there are no synthetic chemicals in this supplement!


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