KidScents UnWind
Let’s chat… KidScents Unwind. 
This is a new product to the Young Living Line up as of Spring 2020. But lemme tell you, if you have a kiddo who is bouncing off the walls… this product will be your best friend. This supplement will calm and soothe them to finding the peaceful rest they need!
Designed for children over the age of 4, Unwind was formulated to help kids handle occasional stress, restlessness, sleeplessness and irritability. But, just because it was designed for kiddos doesn’t mean that parental units (as my kiddos call us) cannot take it as well!
But what is it? Think a healthy pixie stick that tastes like watermelon. Each “dose” is individually packaged in a stick like form and eats like candy… sleepy candy!
I promise this will become moms best friend in no time! 
Wanna know my favorite secret to this one? Try giving the kiddos a packet just before a long car ride for a stress free, care free sleep session as you drive the miles away!


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