Sleepyize (AKA Liquid Gold)
Let’s chat Sleepyize. You guys, this oil is literally liquid gold and totally worth its weight! I remember the very first time that I used Sleepyize on the kids. It was during the summer of 2017. The kids had played hard all day, swimming, BBQ, Paddle boards, laughing, sunshine, pure summer exhaustion had set in and I missed the “Golden Bedtime Window”. (Insert exhausted summer loved momma here).

I was exhausted. I wanted to sleep. But the kids were so freakin spun that there was no sleep to be had in our house. 
I turned to my fellow Dream Chasers and begged for advice. I sent out a loud and proud S.O.S. and everyone was commenting Sleepyize. Duh! It was one of those, I totally know what I should be doing, but my brain was so freaking tired I had no clue what to do moments. 
I begged Jeff to go to the oil shelf and find the Sleepyize. What seemed like 10 minutes went by – I am sure it was really only 1 minute – he returned with that little purple bottle of liquid gold. 
1 drop into each of their belly buttons, 1 drop in my hands rubbed in to the bottoms of their feet, and an extra drop in each diffuser and they were OUT! Thank goodness. 
I decided to apply the same to Jeff and myself and all 4 of us slept 12 hours that night and it was one of the best sleeps we ever had. 
Lemme tell you, we do not live without Sleepyize. We probably have 10 unopened bottles on the shelf right now because that is how serious I am about Sleepyize. It truly is one oil I will NEVER be without.


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