My Aroma Freedom Experience March 2018

Processing everything that happened this weekend and I am still absolutely amazed by the power of essential oils. There is a technique called Aroma Freedom where you pair goal setting with facing fears and processing emotions at a molecular level. Let’s just say I had my first session Friday afternoon and there were a lot of tears shed. A lot of emotions released. A lot of understanding. 

As human beings we are taught to stuff our emotions. 

We are not supposed to feel our emotions we are to stuff them deep into the depths of our toes, lock them up and throw away the key. However in doing so, we lock ourselves into this mentality that the unprocessed experiences of our past are what writes our futures.... 

but what if I told you it didn’t have to be this way. 

What if you could process those forgotten emotions, face those fears, take control of your own future?

 Let me tell you. My goal had nothing to do with the unprocessed emotions that arose... or so I thought. But once I began focusing on the emotions and the perceptions behind the emotions and I was able to process, accept and let go of said unprocessed emotion there is a euphoric freedom that comes. It is like floating. It is a freedom like I never felt before. It is love. It is hope. It is FREEDOM.

After this experience I immediately signed up to become a certified AFT practitioner and an AFT Instructor and I would LOVE the opportunity for you to experience what I experienced and continue to experience through the release of Aroma Freedom! 


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